Loki Releases a New Single ‘Rutle’ Featuring Blxckie & Loud Haileer

Loki Drops New Single ‘Rutle’ Featuring Blxckie & Loud Haileer

Loki has finally released his much-anticipated track, ‘Rutle’ featuring Blxckie and Loud Haileer, after a steady stream of teases.

Active 1990s – 2000s
Genre: Pop/Rock, Rap
Styles: Gangsta Rap, Hardcore Rap

Loki has steadily shared teases and artwork for the song over the last few weeks, heightening anticipation for its upcoming release.

‘Rutle’ is an addictive track with Blxckie singing and Loki dropping a blistering verse over a fast rhythm.

In early this year, Loki gives a hot lyrical performance in his latest single, ‘The Joker’. The tune is complemented with stunning vintage images.

Loki wears his emotions on his sleeve and gets honest while rapping about his life, music, haters, social media, and other things.

Loki released a new freestyle video titled ‘Porsche Freestyle’. The video arrives a week before the official release of the visuals for his current song, ‘Tough Love’.

In ‘Porsche Freestyle’, Loki is seen delivering a hard-hitting lyrical performance over an infectious trap beat. He showcases his lyrical prowess as he spits his bars in a back-and-forth transition between Zulu and English.

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