Holy Alpha To Drop Debut Album ‘Mama Ghost’

Holy Alpha To Drop Debut Album ‘Mama Ghost’

Holy Alpha, a Cape Town-born musician, will release her debut album ‘Mama Ghost’ on April 5th, 2024.

The album claims to be a journey into the ethereal realm, led by the enigmatic artist’s alter persona, Mama Ghost, and wrapped in a seductive crimson motif.

After years of suspense, Holy Alpha delivers a huge reveal in a compelling one-minute film. In a visually beautiful performance, she introduces her alter ego, Mama Ghost, who sports striking red hair, a foreshadowing of the bright theme aspects that will appear on the upcoming album.

“Mama Ghost” is a testament to Holy Alpha’s artistic evolution, showcasing a fusion of genres that transcends traditional boundaries. The album weaves a sonic tapestry that explores the depths of emotion and imagination, inviting listeners into a world where every note tells a story.

About: Sanele Alpha Gwabe, Born on April 17th, stage name Holy Alpha.Holy Alpha is a female hip hop musician who grew up in Khayelitsha Town 2. She began recording music in 2016, released her debut single in 2017, and has never looked back; music has been her first love since then.

In 2020, she released another record titled GHOST, and Cape Town has begun to appreciate her skill, with several South African household names such as DJ Dimplez, Reason, Ph, and Tweezy mentioning and tweeting about it.Holy Alpha has appeared and performed at numerous events in Cape Town. Bhomza Events hosts the city’s most popular youth event, and she opens for Tall Racks Queen Rowlene.

She also headlined Benny Afroe’s event, Drip Sundays, where she wowed the crowd. Holy Alpha approaches most stages as an underdog with something to prove and a desire for success, a dynamic artist with an incredible stage presence and a growing fan base. She is an artist on the search for THE KING. Holy Alpha is relatively new to the industry, but she is fitting in well.

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